Andreas Olsson and Olga Marina


Olga Marina

Olga was born into a family of teachers (language and music) and since early years has been an energetic live wire - studying music, doing athletics, martial arts and gymnastics. In 2007 she was introduced to Lindy Hop and this is where the real passion story begins. She got dance hooked and started to explore more of the dance world by getting into Blues and later Balboa. She has been actively travelling the globe in pursuit of more opportunities to dance, learn and compete. In 2013 she began to share her love for swing music and dance by teaching. At her classes Olga pays a lot of attention to getting the students interested and involved by giving challenging and fun tasks, working both on technique and musicality and infecting them even more with the passion for dancing.






Andreas Olsson

Andreas was introduced to Lindy Hop in 2001 and a few years later to Balboa. Andreas teaches dance because he loves to see students learn and improve. As Andreas sees it, teaching is inspiring since it offers a possibility to contribute to the ever-changing dance style and scene. Andreas claims to be the un-challenged record holder (so far!) of most hours spent on social swing dance floors in Stockholm. He is an energizer bunny, and only takes a break to change into another colorful bow tie or t-shirt with a funny print!

He has been placed in a number of prestigious competitions in both Lindy Hop and Balboa around the world with a number of well known swing dancers. He is also a history lover and one of the very few marine archaeologists in the world, currently the Head of the Archaeological Unit at the Swedish Maritime Museum. Ask him about the 'Vasaship' or 'Vikingships'




Torino 2016 - Andreas Olsson & Olga Marina

Valencia Oldtimes · Balboa Weekend - Olga Marina & Andreas Olsson

2016 Balboa Dayz - Andreas and Mette / Dukish Vagabonds:: True to you

Slow Balboa at Summer camp in Eauze, France, 2015 - Andreas & Mette

PSSF 2016 - Balboa Showcase/ Andreas & Mette

2012 ILHC Balboa Jack & Jill Finals - Andreas Olsson & Mette Herlitz