Joseph DeMers

Joe's Bio

Joe DeMers is an international champion Blues and Lindy Hop instructor from Denver, CO. He has toured the world teaching and performing from South Korea to France, Canada, Israel and all over the US. He loves to dance and is proud to be a dancer, performer, competitor, and instructor. In 2008, he was awarded the Spirit of Lindy Hop award at Camp Jitterbug. In 2013 and 2014, he won the title of International Blues Dance Champion. He is the leading ambassador for Drag Blues, a contemporary Blues dance fusing Ballroomin', Strut, and Slow Drag. While based on vintage traveling Blues dances, Drag Blues has a defined technique and incorporates Swing moves and movements.

Joe is also a proponent of Frame Matching and the creator of pTed and the Hierarchy of Creating Partner Connections. These frameworks analyze and codify partner-dance connection. He has choreographed for and performed in many theater productions, including SWING! the Musical and Home for the Holidays. He is the co-organizer of Mile High Blues, one of the top Blues events in the US. Additionally, he is the 2015 National Dance Teacher of the Year, teaching dance in Denver Public Schools as his day job. He enjoys Korean BBQ, anime, and long walks on the beach. For more information on him, or Frame Matching and pTed, check out his website at joeandnelle.com. Watch his free How to Dance Drag Blues instructional videos on youtube: http://youtu.be/tuIt9ooDKXE. You can see his latest Contemporary Blue routine: http://youtu.be/ySJGx4SIBsE.


Shauna's Bio


Shauna is a nationally-recognized Lindy Hop Instructor, Performer, and Dancer from Denver, CO. She coaches the Denver Swing Project, one of the largest Lindy Hop dance troupes in the world (almost 40 couples), has a free Lindy Hop online curriculum (Lindy Ladder), and travels all over the United States to teach Lindy Hop. She has vast experience teaching other forms of dance, such as Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Break dancing, and Hip Hop.

In her 20 years of dance experience, she is known for her professionalism, experience, humor, playfulness, musicality, approach-ability, and especially for her ease at breaking down difficult concepts. She has a genuine love for her students, and works towards bringing out each student’s own style and hidden potential. She loves to inspire and encourage others, and looks for any opportunity to share what she knows. Check out his website at shaunamarble.com.