The Essence of Drag Blues

We'll cover important technical points to get everyone connected and dancing across the room to Slow Jazz Blues music.

Ballroomin’ Blues - A Spirit Moves Connection

The Spirit Moves is the leading documentary on Lindy Hop and Jazz Blues. There is a Blues chapter in which we see the Savoy Swing dancers dancing Ballroomin’ Blues. Learn Drag Blues moves that are directly inspired by the Spirit Moves!

Switching Styles: Drag Blues, Ballroomin’, Slow Drag, and Strut

Drag Blues is a modern dance form of Blues evolved from Strut, Ballroomin' and Slow Drag, vernacular Blues and Jazz dances, danced to the swing rhythms found in Blues and Jazz music. This class will challenge dancers to control their weight transfers and body shapes in maintaining different aesthetics of Blues dance that influence Drag Blues.

Drag Blues Moves and Dips 1

Let's end the day with some really great partner movements to incorporate into your Drag Blues. Moves will cover topics of momentum, stretch, and turning techniques.




Dancing Between the Steps - Frame Matching in Drag Blues

Drag Blues is a dance of rich, complex, and beautiful movements. This class moves beyond the basics and focuses on the techniques that occur between the steps. We’ll focus on matching posture and energy changes, polishing movement transitions, and maintaining connection while dancing musically on the social dance floor.

Rag Doll Fun!

Learn to lead and follow with some of the most relaxed frame possible in Drag Blues. Leaders will direct energy through the chest that reverberates down through the legs to shape weight transfers. Followers will be feel like ‘rag dolls’, while learning to match high energy movements with a low tone frame.

Drag Blues Moves and Dips 2

This class will cover different partner movements from Saturday. Moves will specifically focus on Frame Matching and energy dynamics.

That Drag Blues Flare

Everyone loves Drag Blues because of the flexible and rhythmic aesthetic that its connection allows. This class will teach you the artistic textures that make people want to learn Drag Blues. We'll learn to adapt to musical textures and elements into our connection and create an awesome ever evolving dance!